Creating a Smart Community for the benefit of our citizens

The new network will enable the Municipality of Pictou County to become a Smart Community, resulting in many tangible benefits that will improve the quality of life for our citizens.

Through our new digital network, healthcare facilities will be able to use new technological tools that will facilitate access to their services. It will also enhance the patient experience, such as providing teleconsultation, online appointment scheduling, online medication refills or the ability to securely view medical records via electronic devices. 

The same will be true in the school network where it will be possible to provide students with access to richer and more diversified online content in a stimulating and interactive virtual environment. The possibilities offered in health and education by the digital shift are numerous and will continue to evolve rapidly in the future. These few examples give us a glimpse of what will be possible in these sectors through digital technology.

Online municipal services and more security for citizens

The Municipality of Pictou County will also be able to progressively improve its management practices through the availability of new and powerful technological tools. This will result in online municipal services that will be increasingly easy to access for citizens and user-friendly. These improvements will help our municipality move away from paper to more efficient and environmentally friendly digital communication and transaction methods.

In addition, digital networks provide opportunities for municipalities to enhance the safety of their citizens, such as the implementation of smart devices to provide better lighting at night in certain areas, the installation of smart cameras in areas where safety issues are more prevalent, and more efficient management of traffic lights to ensure better traffic flow. These are examples of solutions that a municipality like ours will be able to evaluate and implement eventually if desired.

Managing Municipal Services

A high-performance network also makes it possible to progressively improve the management of various municipal services and systems, such as water and waste management. For example, new solutions are coming on the market to continuously monitor water quality using sensors that can take various measurements, such as water oxygenation levels.

The maintenance of public parks can also be improved. For example, new technologies could be implemented to allow the continuous measurement of the irrigation level of landscaped areas. New digital technologies will also enable municipalities to increase their energy performance through more efficient management of their infrastructure and equipment, which will reduce energy costs and decrease environmental impacts.

These are just a few examples of the new opportunities available to municipalities as innovative solutions are developed.