High Speed Internet

Quality High-Speed Internet Service Across the Municipality

Thanks to this new network,  residents and businesses in the Municipality will soon have access to a High-Speed Internet service that meets recognized Canadian standards.

The new network has been designed on an open-access basis allowing different telecommunications companies to offer their High-Speed Internet service packages. This approach favours competition, a diversified product offering as well as more advantageous rates for all our citizens and businesses.

Connecting to the Network

To gain access to High-Speed Internet services, your residence must first be connected to the network. The municipality, with the help of private partners, has undertaken the deployment of fibre optic connections to the Municipality’s residences of the municipality, at no cost to citizens.

If you have not already done so, you will soon receive a notice by mail from the municipality inviting you to consent to the connection of your property to the network and the installation of a terminal inside your home. Details on how and when to make an appointment for the connection will be provided in the mailing you will receive.

For homes that will have wireless access to the network, service is expected to begin in fall 2022 thanks to the installation of 14 transmission towers within the municipality. More information on how to connect your home to the wireless service will be provided at a later date.

Many direct and immediate benefits

Thus, your connection to the network will offer you many immediate benefits:

  • A positive impact on the value of your property without any out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Access at a competitive and fair price to a selection of High-Speed Internet Service providers that meet recognized Canadian standards, including:
    • reliable and seamless access to a wide range of services and subscriptions, including digital television and videoconferencing;
    • access to web digital media and its multimedia content;
    • viewing movies or video content on the Internet;
    • and the ability to conduct secure online transactions.
  • Avoid the costs associated with connecting your home to the network at a later date, when the installation is no longer offered free of charge.

The new network, a state-of-the-art infrastructure wholly owned by the municipality, is being built to improve the quality of life for our citizens and communities.  This framework will also allow the municipality to generate revenue by collecting fees from the internet service providers using our infrastructure to provide you with high-speed internet.  This revenue will be used to pay for the cost of the project.