Built by Us for Us

What does this really mean?  For residents of rural Pictou County living with poor internet, it could mean the world is opening up to them.  Finally, you will be able to stream movies at home without having them freezing on your screen. You will be able to download files at lightning speed and talk to friends and family online without losing the connection.

To residents who are not complaining about their internet service,  this might not seem like such a big deal. But why are you settling for what is out there now when better service will be available to you at a cost comparable to what you are paying now?

Built by Us for Us means exactly what it says.  The Municipality of Pictou County, your municipal government, is building a high-speed internet network for you.  We are investing millions of dollars to put fibre to homes and strengthen wireless connections to the far-reaching areas of rural Pictou County so you can have access to the best internet service available.

It will be an open-access network which means that any internet service provider can contact the Municipality of Pictou County and ask to use its fibre and wireless connection to provide you high-speed internet.  You will never receive a bill from the Municipality because we are not selling directly to residents.  We are selling our infrastructure and equipment to internet service providers and these companies will bill you for the service they provide you.

We expect the cost to be comparable to what is on the market now, but that decision will be left up to the internet service providers.

This framework will also allow the Municipality to generate revenue by collecting fees from the internet service providers using our infrastructure to provide you with high-speed internet.  This revenue will be used to pay for the cost of the project.