Congratulations, and Thank You for signing up for the MOPC Ruralnet Fibre Utility.  Our Fibre to Home network is 100 percent open access and is built and operated independently by the Municipality of Pictou County. This means that any Internet Service Provider can offer services over our fibre network., and you can choose any ISP from our list of partners at

Frequently Asked Questions:

What work was just performed? 
The installation you just received is a Utility Only install. A technician installed a fibre optic cable to your house and installed a small box called an ONT (Optical Network Terminal).  The ONT does not provide internet service by itself. 

Will I be charged for this install?
NO. As part of our pilot program, these installations are free to homeowners. There is no commitment for you to sign up for internet services from our partners, but we hope you do. 

Can I start the internet right away?
The installation that was just performed is a Utility Only Install.  To receive internet service, go to the Marketplace at and sign up for internet service from any of our partner ISPs.

How can I sign up for internet service?
Log into the MOPC marketplace at and browse available packages from participating internet service providers.  You can sign up right on the website. The ISP will then contact you directly to supply you with a router to start using their service. 

Can I buy internet directly from the county?
MOPC operates the fibre network as a utility, allowing independent ISPs to provide services over our fibre network.  MOPC does not directly offer internet services, we provide the fibre "pipe" to your house.  You can sign up for internet service from any of our ISP partners at 

If I sign up for service from one of the ISPs, who bills me?
All billing for service is done through the Internet Service Provider you choose.  If you sign up for service, you'll be billed by them. MOPC will never bill you directly. 

Who do I contact for support once I sign up for internet service?
All support and billing for internet services are provided by the internet service provider you choose.

If I am having issues signing up for internet services, who do I contact? 
1-833-341-2257 followed by option 3.