The MOPC has sent another 150 letters to rural homeowners in late November in the Durham and Central West River areas so they can connect to fibre provided by the MOPC. 
If you receive your letter,  go onto the website ASAP and signup for the MOPC Fibre Installation.   
Instructions on how to sign up are included in the letter, as well as the internet service providers that are providing service to this area.  
There is a two-step process to connecting to our fibre. The first step is to sign up for the free MOPC fibre installation. This can be done without any commitment to choosing an internet service provider.  This will take the fibre from the poles outside your home to your house. It will involve our crews putting a small utility box outside your home. 
Once the utility box is in place, you can go onto the website in the letter and choose one of the three internet service providers.  There are several different plans and payments available for you to consider.  
If you have previously been sent a letter and can not find it,  please use the website