Our MOPC Rural Broadband Network will allow for everyday use such as streaming movies and working from home, but it will also be a network that will create a permanent and long-lasting telecommunication infrastructure. It will serve as an economic development tool, increase property values, and improve the quality of life for our citizens.

The MOPC started this rural broadband project six years ago after hearing from frustrated residents about the lack of internet service in rural Pictou County. 

MOPC Council agreed it was going to build its network rather than giving money to service providers and relying on them to upgrade their infrastructure.

Wireless and fibre options are available that will offer high-speed internet at prices like today’s marketplace.

The MOPC’s Rural Broadband Network is different from any other in Atlantic Canada because it is an open-access network. This means any internet service provider can lease our fibre to provide you with service. More service providers create a competitive marketplace that gives you more pricing and package options.

For more information about our network,
email inquires@ruralmopc.net or call 902-485-2238.