Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Data Utility and how is does it relate to Internet Services?

Similar to a Municipal Electric Utility (MEU), a Data Utility is an open and accessible infrastructure that can carry various types of data services. One of such services is Internet Services which can be offered to the population by various parties and in different ways while also providing access. The utility's role is also to link the municipal assets, community centres, schools and health services centres together without the need for separate dedicated infrastructures. In other words, would you want the County's traffic lights to be connected to the Internet or a separate infrastructure?

Will the towers from FirstHomes services impact our health?

While there have been various controversial topics around 5G and the related higher frequency bands, the DOIT's services are leveraging a combination of lower-end frequency bands in TV channels that are no longer being used as well as WIFI coverage. Moreover, the smaller tower structures are there to provide limited coverage at lower power levels for the population density. As such, it is no more dangerous than the television signals that have been part of our lives over the past 50 years.


How do I register for the services?

As an Open Access Utility Infrastructure, a Marketplace application and various Point of Services will be launched in the community. This will allow the community to choose which packages from which service providers they will want to consume. Moreover, for the FirstHomes services, you will be able to register for the service and installation through the FirstHomes website.

What will be the impact on me?

The DOIT is working hard to improve people's quality of life. We hope to encourage service providers to offer affordable packages to a population that needs limited access but has trouble affording it as it's no longer an amenity but is now a necessity. Moreover, we hope to ensure that the aging population will have the capacities to stay in their homes longer through emerging technologies. Finally, through this program connected homes will appreciate in value making them a desirable asset and providing an attractive edge for youth, talent and businesses within the community.