Building a prosperous future for our municipality

The deployment of the network will have a significant economic impact on our municipality by providing businesses with access to a range of new technological opportunities.

The new network will enable businesses in all sectors to go digital, enabling them to become more efficient and innovative in an increasingly competitive economy.

Already, many new digital technologies, which require a high-performance network to operate, are available for the agricultural, manufacturing and fisheries sectors – areas of business activity that hold an important place in the economic life of our municipality and our region.

For example, it will be possible for the agricultural sector to use connected autonomous vehicles for harvesting. It will also be possible to install systems that continuously measure the level of soil irrigation to better monitor the condition of fields and optimize watering operations.

Transforming the manufacturing sector

In the manufacturing sector, it will be possible to use new digital information management systems to optimize production and supply chains. These new processes, which are based on the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and automation, will include the ability to connect the various production equipment in a factory and to know in real-time, with the help of sensors, their level of performance, to detect possible failures and to issue alerts.

The Internet of Things will also enable remote control of certain automated equipment, which will not only facilitate the management of production activities but also have safety benefits for employees. In the fisheries sector, it will also be possible to implement new data collection and analysis systems to continuously monitor and measure all activities in the production chain. The digitization of data will also facilitate the traceability of fishery products, information that is increasingly critical for accessing major markets, including export markets.

Other benefits for businesses

A digital network will also allow many businesses to carve out a place for themselves in e-commerce by offering an attractive online shopping experience for their customers.

In conclusion, through the network, our municipality will provide a modern, state-of-the-art business environment. This will allow our businesses to remain competitive, attract investment to our municipality in new and innovative sectors, and create high-quality jobs. These are essential ingredients to ensuring the long-term prosperity of our municipality and enhancing the quality of life of our citizens.