We are getting inquiries from people about connecting to our Rural Internet Service.   We love the fact that people are being diligent in checking this website and live map which tells them that wireless service will be available by March 2022.   

However, due to delays over the winter months that included poor weather conditions and shipping issues, we were not able to get the towers up for the wireless service as expected so our map needs to be updated. 

Our towers will start to be connected in late April or early May 2022,  people will be able to get connected once they are in place people and they will receive information in the mail about hooking up to the service. The first tower to be hooked up will be on our own property here at the MOPC Administration Building and the groundwork is currently being done to accommodate the tower. 

As the towers are constructed and ready for service, people will be contacted.  We expect our wireless service to cost the homeowner $50 a month and there will be no installation fee for people who sign up for the service when it becomes available. 

There is no change in our fibre service. Fibre has been placed on poles in the Lyons Brook Area and the next step is to test the service so we can be sure everything is working properly before we make it ready for our first customers.  We expect our fibre service to cost about $130 a month. 

We apologize for the delays. We know people are anxious to get the service and have been waiting patiently to get hooked up.  Continue to check your mail and this site for updates. 


Posted 18 months ago by Sueann Musick