The new tower has been erected on River Road as part of the MOPC's internet project. This is the second tower the MOPC has erected for the wireless portion of its rural broadband project.  The first tower is located behind the MOPC"s administration building. 

The MOPC is expected to have 17 towers/monopoles ready for service by the end of summer/early fall.  The MOPC will be providing wireless service to rural residents across the county as well as fibre to the majority of homes by 2023-2024. 

Not all towers need to be erected by the MOPC. Some towers will be co-located, meaning the MOPC will be putting its equipment on towers that already exist in the county.  

When wireless service is available in specific areas, residents will be notified by mail and through updates on this website. Wireless service from the MOPC Is expected to cost $50 a month with no contact to sign or installation fee if signup is done soon after service is available. 



Posted 7 months ago by Sueann Musick