There is a new addition to the MOPC property at 46 Municipal Drive, Pictou. We have a new tower in our backyard as part of our Rural Broadband Project. It is one of 17 towers that are part of the project that will provide wireless internet service across rural Pictou County.
Residents will be informed by mail when the tower in their areas are serviceable. Updates will also be on our website The tower at the MOPC is expected to be in service by mid-May. All towers are expected to be ready for service by end of summer. The cost of our wireless service will be approximately $50 a month with no installation fee if sign-up is done quickly and no contract.
In addition, eligible Lyons Brook residents are expected to receive notices in the mail within the next few weeks about signing up for fibre optic services.
Similar to the wireless service, as the project moves throughout the county, people who are eligible for fibre will be notified by mail with all of the details needed to make a decision as to whether the service is the right choice for them. The cost of the fibre to the homeowners is expected to be about $130 a month but this will be dependent upon the internet service providers that you select. ISPS information will be included in the package you receive in the mail when service is available.

Posted 4 months ago by Sueann Musick