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Our rural internet project is getting close to hooking up its first customers. The first phase of the project includes fibre to homes in the Lyons Brook area.
This area was selected first because we needed to do work on our own MOPC Administration Building as part of the start-up. There will be more than 200 homes in this first phase eligible for fibre hookup.
Internet Service Providers are being firmed up and will be announced on our website www.ruralnet.munpict.ca as soon as hook up is available. Rural residents will also receive information in the mail for both wireless and fibre services.
Our wireless service will also begin connecting people this month. Similar to fibre, it will be a continuous rollout as well, meaning that not everyone will be hooked up at once. When wireless service is available it will also be announced on our www.ruralnet.munpict.ca website as well with information in the mail. We expect the costs of the fibre and wireless services to be compatible with what is available in today's marketplace. 

Posted 19 months ago by Sueann Musick